Special Flower Arrangements Perfect For Mother’s Day

Mothers are said to be the ones who can give unconditional love to their children. By nature, our mothers are caring and would do anything just to give us the best. Yearly, we celebrate Mother’s Day to honor all the hardships and sacrifices of every mom.

Make Mother’s Day extra special by surprising them with flowers through Anding’s Toys and Flowers Inc (ATFI) “Amazing Mom Promotion”. In preparation for Mother's Day, different flower arrangements will be available that comes with free shipping. Anding’s Toys and Flowers Inc has its own manufacturing plant and offers beautifully crafted flowers for all occasions.

In general, women love flowers. Girls feel loved and extra special when we are given beautiful flowers. With the weather hat we have today, fresh flowers withered  easily. With that, a good alternative is to turn into artificial flowers that are equally beautiful and at the same time, we can keep it for as long as we want.

Here are 5 flower arrangements that you can give to your super mom on Mother’s Day.

Aside from flowers, Anding’s Toys and Flowers Inc also imports other kinds of toys, all of which have undergone EN71 testing and all other required chemical testing. These toys are produced, tested, and packaged locally. All local toys have undergone complete chemical testing, especially Lead-testing so we mommies are sure that these toys will no be harmful to our little one.

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