Celebrating The Colorful Bantayog Festival In Camarines Norte

The Philippines is known for various festivals that depicts the colorful heritage and traditions of our country. I was lucky enough to have witnessed the much-celebrated festival in Camarines Norte, the Bantayog Festival. Camarines Norte is located in the Bicol region. This Northernmost province of Bicol has become one of the tourist hotspots in recent years because of its rich resources, breathtaking views, powder-like white sand beach, and Pinoy delicacies it has to offer.

Last April 25, Camarines Norte celebrated the 14th Bantayog Festival and its 98th founding anniversary. The festival is said to pay tribute to Filipino heroes during the Spanish era and World War II. The streets of Daet was filled with extravagant costumes, energetic participants, and life-sized props as 7 groups tried their best to emerged as the grand winner for this year's festival.

1. Boyuboy Festival-San Lorenzo, Camarines Norte

This is a week-long celebration that aims to promote agricultural products, most especially the Queen pineapple which is abundant in the region. San Lorenzo Ruiz is the home to the Queen pineapple which has made Camarines Norte famous. The festival also depicts the post-harvest activity as practiced by the locals.

2. Pinyasan Festival-Daet, Camarines Norte
The Pinyasan Festival is known to be the most colorful festival in the province of Camarines Norte. It showcases their primary agricultural product known as "Queen of Formosa"  which is said to be the sweetest pineapple.

3. Rahugan Festival-Basud, Camarines Norte
Rahugan festival celebrates some of the most distinctive traits of Basudenos namely love for the family, sense of belonging, peacefulness, cooperation, and solidarity.

4. Mananap Festival-San Vicente, Camarines Norte
Mananap festival is a celebration of the province's rich cultural heritage and natural wonders.

5. Palong Festival-Capalonga, Camarines Norte
This festival is highlighted by a street dancing and agro-industrial fair. Palong festival shows the gratitude of the locals for the abundance as signified by a rooster. It is held during the celebration of the Black Nazarene every May 13.

6. Padayog Festival-Sta. Elena, Camarines Norte
This festival is a celebration of two agricultural products namely palay and nyog which have a rich supply in the province.

7. Pabirik Festival-Paracale, Camarines Norte
Pabirik is an essential tool used by miners in Paracale that is made of a circular wood. It is said that Paracale was colonized by the Spaniards because of the gold deposit in this town.

List of Winners for Bantayog Festival 2018
Major Awards:
Festival Champion (PHP200K) Padayog Festival, Sta. Elena
1st Runner Up (PHP150K) Palong Festival, Capalonga
2nd Runner Up (PHP100K) Rahugan Festival, Basud

Minor Awards:
Best in Moving Choreography-Palong Festival, Capalonga
Best in Music-Rahugan Festival, Basug
Best in Costume-Padayog Festival, Sta. Elena

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