Can't Get Enough Of Ombre Hair!

by - August 13, 2013

I have never been the experimental type especially with my hair. Since High school my hair was always long, layered and with side bangs. I tried to have it permed twice but both failed. Since then, I always sport the long, layered hair. I tried to dye my hair a few years back but it was always brown because it's a safe color that I think will match everyone.

Seeing ombre hair just made me so excited to have it done on my hair. I've been checking different websites to check who offers a good service. And yeah, I think I found one in Pasig. But help! I don't know which color to choose. I originally wanted purple ombre but other colors look good too! Below are some of the sample ombre hair.

 Red Ombre

 Purple Ombre
 Blonde Ombre
Copper Ombre
Pink Ombre

 Peacock Ombre

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All pictures are taken from Google search

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