Physiogel Intensive Cream

One of my biggest dilemma is looking for a cream that will provide moisture to my super dry skin. I've tried almost all the lotions and body creams in the market but I am still looking for that product that will be a solution to my dry skin.

One of my friend told me the wonders of Physiogel. It is compose of natural lipids that locks in moisture and is great for those who have really dry skin. It does not contain any  perfume, colourants and preservatives and is also non comedogenic which makes it suitable to those who have sensitive skin.

Use a small amount once or twice a day and apply it to your elbows, hands and other dry body parts. The result is a well hydrated skin that does not only look good but soft to touch as well.

One of my problem areas are my feet. I apply Physiogel Intense Cream in the evening and cover it with socks to trap the moisture. The result is ultra soft and hydrated feet in the morning. I could wear sandals or flip flops everyday and show off my gorgeous feet that are not dry anymore.

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