Product Review: Aurora Day And Night Cream By Fern

Women are always looking for ways on how to look young and beautiful.  Those who have money can do surgical operations to maintain a younger looking skin. But for those who have limited budget, frequent facial or diamond peel can do the trick. Aside from the medical treatments,  a lot of beauty sets came out in the market.  It comes in liquid, cream or even gel and the most famous of which is Obagi.

Obagi beauty set promises a youthful glow with consistent use. I have tried obagi before and it really makes the skin looks radiant. But what happens when Vitamin C becomes the element of facial creams?  Will it result to a more gorgeous looking skin?

Fern C has been known for carrying Vitamin C.  Honestly I didn't know that they have beauty creams until someone handed me these creams. Vitamin C is good for the skin and results in a whiter and smother skin.

Aurora day and night cream are said to give results similar to obagi beauty set.  Before trying the products, I stopped using all my beauty regimen to know what it can really give to your skin.

Both of the creams are BFAD approved so there's no issue when it comes to health and safety.  The tubes are sealed although I find it a bit difficult to remove the seal. Since the creams are in tubes, it is more hygienic as compared to creams that are in jars because you do not need to dip your fingers to get the contents. It is also economical because you only need a small amount of each cream. Before, I was using creams in a small jar that lasted for a month and the contents of these creams are almost twice of what I was using before. I'm guessing that this tube can last for almost two months.

The day cream is tinted and the color is comparable to a nude foundation shade. When I first applied it, it felt greasy on the face but after sometime,  it creates a powdery matte finish.  If you have dry skin, you can use alone so your skin will have moisture. For those who have oily or combination skin, I suggest to use a loose powder on top of it to prevent oiliness.

The night cream is the usual white cream but what I really liked about it is that when I wake up the next day,  it doesn't feel heavy nor oily on the face. Instead, it gives a youthful glow and a skin that is really smooth.

Just like the creams that I used, it results in breakouts when I first used it but with continued use,  it gives you a softer and smoother skin. The only difference with the Obagi set that I used before is that thise set only consist of creams, no toners or astringent but the result is pretty much the same. It's just a week after I have started using the day and night cream but with longer use I am expecting to have more positive results.

Remember that the key to any beauty product is consistency.  No product can deliver an excellent result in just one day. Don't be lazy to apply it religiously. And use one beauty regimen at a time.

Now about the price, each tube is worth 750Php. So in total that's 1,500Php and if could last for 2 months, I would say that it's still a winner. Having been manufactured by Fern is also an advantage. I mean an establish company would not jeopardize what they have achieved so you are really sure that they are only selling high quality products that are both safe and effective.

If you want to know more about Aurora creams and other Fern C products, you may visit this FB page.

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