Happy Summer Happy Andrada Spring Summer 2020 Launch

Weddings are beautiful and memorable as it symbolizes the union of two individuals as they start their journey to the road of forever. I remember attending weddings of relatives and friends and the excitement and at the same time the dilemma of looking for an outfit where I can look my best. I’m sure that brides to be are feeling more pressured to look at their most beautiful on their wedding day.

Good thing that RTW (ready to wear) wedding dresses are here to the rescue. And when we talk about gorgeous and unique dresses, it would be impossible not to have Happy Andrada in mind. Happy Andrada is a world-class designer and her works have been featured in the London Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Amsterdam and Arts and Fashion Week in Canada just to name a few.
On May 4, Happy launch the Summer-Spring 2020 Collection at the Fashion Art Boutique in Quezon City. Lifestyle bloggers and influencers got the first dibs on the newest collection. As expected, the designs are unique with intricate details and every piece is made from high-quality materials.
The Summer-Spring 2020 Collection is not the traditional white wedding gowns but instead, a hybrid of classic and modern designs that is sure to make every bride stand out. The collection consists of pastel, delicate jewel tone dresses, and other wearable pieces embellished with precious stones and Swarovski.
Happy Andrada also collaborated with Ked’s Kate Spade for and personally picked the shoes that would look great on her new collection. Aside from the comfort these shoes offer, their designs are also extraordinary and glamorous, considering that these are rubber shoes. I’m digging the glittery pair in Pink!
Aside from showcasing Happy’s latest work of art, it was also an afternoon of fun! Delectable dishes and overflowing drinks were served during the event and the entire place is well curated and every spot is Instagram worthy!

Congratulations Happy Andrada!

Happy Andrada

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