5 Reasons Why PhOligo Should Be Included In Your Daily Routine

This year, I promised myself to pay attention to my health. Fatty foods, junk foods and soda used to be my comfort foods. But as I turn another year older, I want to give myself some love by embracing a healthy lifestyle. I started my road to healthy living by enrolling to the gym and I have been consistent in doing the circuit at least thrice a week. I also cut on carbohydrates intake. The most challenging part is taking in fewer junk foods but luckily, I am able to adopt real quick.

While I thought that all these sacrifices are enough to keep my body healthy, I found out that there are food supplements which can help me in my health goals. I received Pholigo a few weeks ago and I was impressed by how it helps in my digestion.

PhOligo is a globally known plant-derived prebiotic powder used as a nutritional fortifier. Sounds familiar? But be informed that probiotic found in Yakult is different from prebiotic. Probiotics are live bacteria that are found in yogurt and other fermented foods. Prebiotics are a special form of dietary fiber that serves as a fertilizer for the good bacteria in the stomach. In essence, Probiotics are good bacteria and Prebiotics are good bacteria promoters. They work hand in hand to ensure that the gastrointestinal tract is healthy. Numerous scientific researches and clinical trials have proven PhOligo to nourish and support good bacteria and improved health.
Regular use of PhOligo can help our digestive system in more ways than one. Let me run down 5 reasons why you need to include PhOligo in your daily routine.

1. Helps to normalize bowel movements and reduces toxin production in the colon
2. Aids in faster absorption of vitamins and minerals
3. Develops and strengthens the immune system system
4. Reduces risk for a wide variety of disorders
5. Safe for kids, elderly, and lactating mothers

How to take PhOligo:
It is ideal to take in PhOligo at night so the good bacteria work while the body is recharging. Each sachet can be mixed with your favorite hot or cold drinks. Others mixed it with soup and the good thing is that it does not affect the taste of food and drinks. It is made from sugarcane so it is naturally sweet. I tried tasting the powder form and it tastes really good.

What are the effects of PhOligo in the body?
After taking in 2 sachets, I noticed that my bowel movement has improved. I am usually constipated and adding PhOligo in my diet makes my trip to the restroom easier. I have seen improvements in my sleep as well, probably because I no longer feel bloated. And yes, my tummy is getting smaller perhaps because I am able to flush out undigested foods easily. Prior to taking PhOligo, I remember waking up at night feeling uneasy and uncomfortable maybe because of my irregular bowel movements. I have fewer mood swings because I feel lighter now.

Our gastrointestinal system is working almost 24/7 to give our body the nutrients it needs. That being said, it is but proper to give it also the care that it deserves. Taking in food supplements like PhOligo is a big help, plus the results are visible in days. It is not enough that we look good with our OOTDs. We should also see to it that we feel good from within and stay healthy too. Start your healthy routine now with PhOligo!

SRP per box of 7 sachets is sold at PHP280 and currently sold on PhOligo's website but will soon be available in Mercury outlets nationwide.


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