3 Ways To Keep The Feminine Area Clean

Taking care of our skin and body is a must! I am sure that all the girls out there have beauty regimen to keep their face and skin clean and healthy. And our most delicate body part should receive the same TLC. Here are 3 ways on how you can keep the feminine area clean.

Use 100% Cotton Underwear
Using a cotton underwear allows air to circulate and prevents yeast that thrives in moist areas. Yeast infection makes the private area and causes itchiness and redness.

Wear Pantyliners 

Even if we don't have our monthly period, we have body discharges which cause odor. Using a panty liner can absorb daily discharges to make us feel dry all throughout the day.

Find A Good Feminine Wash
We must be hygienic at all times to prevent not just foul odor but to lessen the chance of acquiring infection and itchiness "down there." Using regular soaps is a no-no as it can dry out and irritate the mucous membrane and alter the natural pH in our private area.

pH Care Naturals Papaya

The main purpose of using a feminine wash is to feel clean and fresh all day. But having a product with whitening ingredients is definitely a plus point. In times when you need to wear a bikini during the summer season, the problem lies not only on our body shape but also the dark skin in the bikini area.
Now, girls can be more confident to wear their two-piece because pH Care Naturals Papaya contains whitening properties and claims to give you a whiter skin in as early as 14 days with regular use. The scent is very mild and does not irritate the feminine area.

I have heard a lot of people going all natural be it in their diet or beauty products. It's a good thing that feminine products including pH Care Naturals Papaya made a smart move in using natural ingredients.

pH Care Naturals Papaya is available in 50mL bottle which you can easily bring during your travels and 150mL bottle. It is available at all leading supermarkets, drugstores and beauty outlets.

pH Care Feminine Wash

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