5 Reasons You Keep Getting Bitten by Mosquitoes

Do you consider yourself a mosquito magnet? You are not alone. There are some people who get bitten by mosquitoes more than others. This insect is known to carry a wide array of viruses. Most of them are deadly to people. Some are weakened because of the diseases and some even die. Aside from the viruses that they provide, they can also make people uncomfortable because of their itchy bites. If you believe that there are a lot of mosquitoes near your property, contact a residential exterminator soon.

These are just some of the reasons why you keep on getting bitten by mosquitoes:
·        You are wearing something that mosquitoes find attractive. When you are wearing dark colors like black, blue, and red, mosquitoes can find you easier. Remedy this by wearing colors that are brighter. Pastels may work too.

·        Your blood type is O. It seems that the taste of people’s blood is different for mosquitoes. They seem to be attracted to people with type O blood type as compared to those who have type A blood type. Mosquitoes will also choose those with type B blood type as compared to those who have type A blood type. One solution is to contact a pest control company that provides mosquito treatments.

·        You are larger than most people. It is already given that larger-sized people would need more oxygen in order to survive. The more oxygen that you breathe in, the more carbon dioxide that you breathe out. Carbon dioxide is highly irresistible to mosquitoes. They would go near you and would try to take blood from you because of the carbon dioxide that you are releasing.

·        You are pregnant. There are some mosquito species who prefer getting the blood of pregnant women as compared to those who are not pregnant. This may be because of some hormonal changes that are happening to the body of a mother. Some experts believe that this is again due to carbon dioxide.

·        You have more bacteria on your skin. If you have not bathed for quite some time, expect that you are going to be a feast to mosquitoes because of the number of bacteria found on your skin. To prevent this, take showers and be hygienic.
You can contact pest control in Orlando to get rid of mosquitoes at the soonest possible time.

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