Preparing Yourself For Accidents

Having a happy family is one of the best blessings anyone can receive. Imagine, going home to your dream house while your loved ones are waiting for you where you will be sharing sumptuous meals. But let's face it. There are circumstances that are beyond our control. No matter how cautious we are, accidents and mishaps happen. And the next thing we know, our dear family member needs medical attention.
While we cannot prevent such incidents, we can do something for our loved ones. Securing your family's future with Malayan Family Protect will be a great help in times of injuries, accidents, and hospitalization.  

Just the thought of knowing that a loved one needs to be hospitalized can be threatening, but what's even more difficult are the additional expenses in emergency situations like this. We need a huge sum of money to ensure that our hospitalized family member is at least comfortable during the confinement. The sad reality is that what we are earning is not enough to cover medical bills.  

YGC Family Protect will help beneficiaries through their different health protection plans. Cash benefits are provided by not only during hospitalization but also covers ICU confinement and even gives life and disability benefits. And for other bills that need to be paid on time like credit cards, the Card For Life plan is also able to provide additional cash.   
Insurance most often than not is something that we don’t prioritize. Our houses and cars are insured because we want to make sure that insurance companies can help us in case something happens to our properties and investments. But keep this in mind. Our families are the greatest treasure that we can have in this lifetime and it is just proper to have them insured too just as what we would normally do to our material possessions. Protect your family and prioritize their health through Family Protect Elite from YGC.  Show your loved ones how much you value them. Get your health protection plan now!

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