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As a single parent, I see to it that I am able to give all ten things that my children need. Aside from a decent house, nice clothes, and nutritious foods, proper education should be given to all the kids. We all know how important education is and whatever they will learn today will play a huge part in their success in the future.
With the advancement of technology and the ever-changing needs of man, education has evolved and is still constantly changing. And with this change, I have to admit that we have to be ready to embrace these transformations otherwise, we will be left behind. Together with my mommy blogger friends, we were oriented to a new way to approach Mathematics.
BrainLight Learning Center teaches Singaporean Math to kids as young as 3 years. It is less than 2 months old but they are determined to make their mark in the education industry. Julie Chandiramani is the Director for Program and Training. She had her training and studies in Indonesia and Singapore. She decided to bring Singapore Math in the country because she feels that this will bring a huge impact to our current educational system.
“Singapore Math does not only focus on Math concepts but on building skills which will be a good edge to the Filipino people”, said Julie.

She added, “Math is a venue for us to be better thinkers, be more confident, to be able to reason out, and to have a better thinking process”.

With Singapore Math, all these skills are incorporated and teachers are not only trained to teach the concept but will do it in such a way that will help kids to make decisions in life and this makes Math more useful and applicable in everyday life rather than just dealing with numbers.
BrainLight Learning Center assess kids 3 years and above. They recommend an hour every session so as not to exhaust kids and at least twice a week. BrainLight uses materials like these that are age appropriate to the kids.

With BrainLight, parents are assured that their kids get the best education and will only be handled by trained professionals. They have a rigid process in selecting their teachers to make sure that they maintain quality education.

How is BrainLight Different?
Other Mathematics Programme today focus on equipping the child with a strong foundation in Mathematics Operations and that includes addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division on various forms of numerals. With BrainLight, the approach is a practical application of Math in our everyday endeavor. I remember when I was still a student, all these Math problems don't make sense to me. And I think, that is one of the advantages of Singapore Math because students are not limited to complex problem solving but they learn the application of Math in their lives.
With my fellow mommy bloggers
These testimonials are proof how BrainLight has helped parents and their kids.

With what I learned from the event, this is something that I would like my kids to try. I want them to think beyond numbers and complex problems which they can apply later in life.

BrainLight Singapore Maths

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