A Day At Clara International Face and Body Centre

I always envy people with blemish free and healthy skin. Back in high school, I had a super oily skin which caused me breakouts every so often. My skin is still oily now that I’m at 35 except that acne breakouts are not that bad as compared to my teenage years. Now, my biggest skin problem is my acne scars. It’s too obvious so I try to put as much foundation and concealer that I can and top it off with face powder. It does not really solve my skin dilemma and had made it even worse by clogging my skin with dirt and oil.
Reception Area

I have always wanted to try a treatment with no downtime because I can’t afford to stay at home for weeks due to the events that I need to cover. Luckily, I came to know Clara International Face and Body Centre. It is a skin and face clinic that originates in Malaysia. It was founded by Dra. Clara Chee in 1977. Tracing back its history, Clara International started as a beauty salon that successfully established its name as one of the biggest beauty chains around the world. In fact, in Malaysia alone, Clara International has over 50 branches. It also has branches in the Philippines, India, and Brunei.
On February 7, Clara International had its first bloggers event. The international clinic offers skin care consultation, skin analysis and treatment of aesthetic problems. What’s interesting about Clara International is that it combines high technology facilities with the goodness of organic products. It should also be noted that Clara International is the first in the world to formulate herbal skin care for different climates. Aside from beating a beauty center, Clara International also has a beauty academy where more than 10,000 students have been trained and absorbed in the beauty industry. 
One of the 10 treatment rooms. 
CEO of Clara International, Ms. Anne Lorraine Sia

Here are the treatments I was able to try with Clara International Face and Body Centre:
Derma Scan machine

Derma Scan is the first step in any skin treatment at Clara International Face and Body Cente. It analyses the skin so that appropriate skin treatments and products can be provided.

Intensive Diamond Peel
Unlike most diamond peel that I’ve tried, Clara International diamond peel treatment does not feel rough. It removes the dead cells and has given my skin its needed glow.
Avail the discounted Intensive Diamond Peel for only PHP500. Diamond Peel is indicated for sun damaged skin, fine lines and pimple and acne marks.

Clara Gold Mask
The gold mask was applied after my intensive diamond peel session. The mask was on my face for a good 15 minutes. And the result is a softer and smoother skin. It made my skin look refresh and healthy.

Emerge (Palomar)
Now, this is the treatment that I badly needed to remove my acne scars. It is a process where laser light will be directed to the problem areas. This would, in turn, facilitate skin renewal to unfold a new skin. I was given 20 shots and each shot felt like there were needles being rubbed on my skin. The pain is tolerable and would just last a few seconds per shot. One of the benefits of using Emerge, aside from making the skin smooth, is that it does not have a downtime. Since there are no needles involved in the procedure, you won’t see traces of blood. There would be red patches that would subside in minutes. The last step of the procedure is running a cold roller so that pain and redness would subside easily. I still have to wait for two weeks to see my renewed skin. Also, it would take sessions before I can really see a big difference. I’ll be back in two weeks and avail another Emerge treatment.
 Thank you, Clara International Quezon City branch for the superb service. 
Thank you also to my nurse, Ms. Margot for explaining the procedures and giving me an excellent service.

Clara International Face and Body Centre
is located at
1328 Quezon Ave, Diliman, Quezon City

Clara International Face and Body Centre

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  2. The sight of the gold mask with the gauze would probably haunt me but it sure looks quite the treatment. Would definitely give this acne scars treatment in the Philippines a try and see how well it could change my skin.