A Journey to Beauty and Radiance with RC Aesthetics and Wellness Center

by - January 01, 2024

In the bustling cityscape of Mandaluyong, where the vibrant energy of urban life meets the pursuit of beauty and wellness, RC Aesthetics and Wellness Center stands as a beacon of transformative care. Established during the pandemic, RC Aesthetics and Wellness Center is making waves online for the beauty services rendered by trained professionals. Here are three reasons to try the beauty and wellness treatment from RC Aesthetics and Wellness Center.

A Sanctuary of Serenity
The moment you step into RC Aesthetics and Wellness Center, you will be welcomed by friendly staff and a calm environment that is suitable for pampering and relaxation. RC Aesthetics and Wellness Center boasts a modern, clean, and relaxing ambiance. From the elegantly decorated waiting area to the treatment area, every detail is curated to enhance the overall experience of visitors.

State-of-the-Art Facilities
Offering a wide selection of state-of-the-art aesthetic procedures customized to each patient's needs, RC Aesthetics and Wellness Center takes pride in offering the latest and most advanced beauty treatments. Whether you're looking to get a facial, whiten your skin, trim down some fats, or address specific skin problems, RC Aesthetics and Wellness Center's team of skilled professionals utilizes the latest technologies and techniques to deliver exceptional results. From basic facial treatments to advanced skin treatment procedures, RC Aesthetics is committed to helping clients achieve their beauty goals to look and feel good about themselves.

Expert Practitioners
What sets RC Aesthetics and Wellness Center apart is its team of experienced and highly-trained professionals. The center's staff, including a board-certified aesthetic physician and licensed nurse, are dedicated to providing personalized care. Each client undergoes a thorough consultation to understand their unique concerns and goals. This helps the team to develop a personalized treatment plan that guarantees the best possible outcomes.

Up Close and Personal with Doc Roca
Doc Roca, CEO of RC Aesthetics and Wellness Center, has always wanted to be a doctor. When she was practicing as a doctor in Saudi Arabia, that's when she realized that she wanted to be an aesthetic physician. After honing her skills, Doc Roca opened the RC Aesthetics and Wellness Center in 2022. 

Aside from being a medical professional, Doc Roca is also a rising social media star. With everything going digital now, Doc Roca knows how to utilize the different social media platforms to educate people in a way that is both witty and informative. More than enhancing their physical appearance, Doc Roca  wanted her clients to boost their confidence and to feel good about themselves. Follow her official TikTok handle to know the latest the when it comes to beauty treatments and the services that she offers. 


During my visit to RC Aesthetics and Wellness Center, I tried their facial with diamond peel and I am satisfied with their service. Their staff is very welcoming and they know what they are doing. They will also explain the procedure and the benefits you can get from the said treatment. I had a great time at RC Aesthetics and Wellness Center and I will be back soon to try other services that they offer.

@paulapinkikay Welcome 2024 🎉 New year, fresh start! 💆‍♀️ Make self-care a priority in 2024. Kick off the year by giving your skin the love it deserves. I just finished my facial and diamond peel at RC Aesthetics and Wellness Center in Mandaluyong and I like how my skin looks fresh and glowing! Healthy skin, happy you! #NewYearNewGlow #SelfCare2024 #RCAesthetics@RC Aesthetic & Wellness Clinic ♬ original sound - Paula Cabildo

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