Special Moments With My Favorite Sibling

Volts Vallejo's Mealtime video with her Sister is Up already on Facebook and Youtube. In the video, they play a game called “How Well Do You Know Your Sibling”? After watching the video, I remembered my older brother Peter. We were three in the family and I am the youngest and the only girl and Peter is the middle child. We were inseparable during our childhood days and he was my partner in crime when we grew older. I have always been in good terms with him and he is one of the major influences in my life. We share the same taste in fashion, music, and food. We like rugged outfit and Chuck Taylor! I would even narrow his statement shirts because it feels comfortable to wear loose clothing. When it comes to music, we both enjoy listening to alternative and rock music. Nirvana and Pearl Jam are on top of our list. And although we were not given the talent in singing, we would still sing along whenever we hear this kind of music. When it comes to food, we love grilled meat, Crispy Pata, and of course everyone’s favorite, fried chicken. I have so many memories of him and I miss him big time.
We still live in the same house but we have been both busy in our work and seldom get along. We usually have time during holidays and this is the best time when we go for a staycation with our kids while we try to catch up. And now that the Yuletide season is fast approaching, I wish that even for a day, we get to do things just like when we were younger, when being happy is easy and life was less complicated. If time permits, I would prepare a special lunch with him. I will have our favorite grilled liempo and fried chicken with our favorite breeding Crispy Fry. Using Crispy Fry makes an ordinary mealtime special because of the special flavor and extra-crisp it gives to the marinated chicken. I can’t wait for that day. I’m sure it will be an afternoon of sharing stories and reminiscing the old times.

Check out the video created by Volts Vallejo and you'll be surprised with the fun and crazy you shared with your siblings. Feel free to share those memories by leaving some comments.

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