Ultimate Persian Feast At Golestan Restautant

If there is only one food that I can eat every day, that would be Persian foods. I particularly liked kebab paired with either basmati rice or pita bread with hot sauce and lots of garlic sauce to complete the taste. It’s a good thing that Persian foods are almost everywhere now but finding authentic ones can be tricky.
I was lucky to discover a new food gem situated in the busy streets of Quezon City. The name Golestan literally means “Rose Garden” in the Persian language. They have been serving authentic Persian dishes since 2016. They started in Mendiola and catered to students nearby. Recently, they transferred to Quezon City but still being visited by their old customers and slowly gaining popularity in the heart of Quezon City. The interior is well-lighted and the mini bar in the corner and the videoke sets the mood for an all-night party. Indeed, this is the best place to catch up and chill with friends.
It was a night of Persian feast with my blogger friends. We started with the appetizers namely lumpiang shanghai, dynamite and cheese sticks. My personal favorite is their cheese sticks which are oozing with real cheese. It can double as an appetizer or a beer match.
As with any gatherings, Crispy Pata will always be a favorite and Golestan's version did not disappoint. It's crunchy on the outside while the inside is tender. Try it with the soy sauce-based dip and it tastes even better. It goes well with the Basmati rice too.
Another perfect pair for beer is their sisig.
And for the main event, we were served the Kebab platter which consisted of a variety of Kebabs. They offer Kebab trays and platters which is perfect for special occasions. Have a look at these mouth-watering Kebabs and chicken wings.
 Chicken Tandoori-roasted chicken marinated in yogurt and spices.
 Buffalo Wings-deep-fried chicken and coated with a special batter.
 Chicken Wings-fried wings 
Chicken and Beef Kebab
 Kebab Tandoori and Beef Kebab
Special Negini Kebab

All the Kebabs are good but my favorite is their beef kebab. The beef was so tender and blends well with the garlic sauce. It can be paired with rice or pita bread, either way, it tastes perfect!

We also get to taste Ghorme Sabzi, an Iranian herb stew which is considered as the national dish of Iran. It is a mixture of sautéed herb and spices like parsley, leeks or scallions, cilantro, as well as dried fenugreek leaves (shanbalileh). It also contains beans, onions and meat like lamb or beef. It tastes tangy with a citrus kick. It has a strong flavor and best eaten with rice.

Aside from Kebabs, Golestan also served different pasta dishes. From left: Shrimp Scampi, Creamy Tuna Pesto, Lasagna Supreme, and Baked Zitti. All these pasta dishes are full of flavor and have a creamy consistency. Small pasta trays are good for 3-4 people and cost PHP1000 for Creamy Tuna Pesto while the rest of the pasta is priced at PHP1100. Large trays for Creamy Tuna Pesto is at PHP1800 and PHP2000 for the 3 other pasta dishes. 
And for the Holiday Season, Golestan is also offering customized cupcakes and cakes. Get 1 dozen of cupcakes for only PHP800 and PHP1300 for a fondant cake. Baileys Chocolate Mousse cake is also available for PHP750.

The overall experience with Golestan was great! All the foods were delicious and the serving is big. The ambiance is also nice and can really be a nice place to distress after a long and tiring day.
Golestan Restaurant
12 New York St., Corner F. Manalo, Cubao, Quezon City

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