3 Things To Do In Capalonga, Camarines Norte

Bicol is a province in the southern Philippines which is home to many beautiful sceneries. From volcanoes to unspoiled beaches, to religious places, Bicol has it all. I was one of the lucky bloggers to be invited By Katooga.ph to tour Camarines Norte, specifically Capalonga. Capalonga is a 3rd class municipality in the province of Camarines Norte and is 2 hours drive from Daet. It was first called Capalongan due to the fact that it has a rich soil that is conducive to the growth of a shrub with colorful flowers. These flowers resemble the cock’s comb which is called Palong. It can also be noted that the general shape of the town is similar to a cock’s comb.

3 Things To Do In Capalonga

1. Get Some Vitamin Sea
Camarines Norte is home to many beautiful beaches in the country. While most people are crowding in Calaguas, little they know that there are a lot of pristine beaches in Capalonga waiting to be explored. And although it's already August, we got the chance to enjoy these beaches, have a good tan, and take lots of photos!

*Selfie Beach Resort

Selfie Beach Resort is a high-end resort in Capalonga, Camarines Norte. Fine sand, relaxing ambiance, and affordable accommodation make it the perfect spot to unwind and just chill with family and friends.
No need for a boat ride because it’s a tricycle away from Capalonga proper and will only take 10-15 minutes to reach the place. The journey will require you to cross a narrow bridge and only motorcycles and tricycles can pass through. Selfie Beach Resort is equipped with modern facilities and you can either choose a cabana or room accommodations during your stay.

Regular Rates: (prices may vary during peak season from April to May)

Entrance fee: daytime PHP20 ($0.41), overnight PHP40 ($0.83)

Cabana: daytime PHP500 ($10.31), overnight PHP1000 ($20.63)

Cottages: daytime PHP350 ($7.22), overnight PHP600 ($12.38)

Umbrella: daytime PHP250 ($5.16), overnight PHP500 ($10.31)

Tents with complete beddings: PHP300 ($6.19)

VIP Room: PHP4000 ($82.50) (good for 2 pax with free breakfast)

Regular Room: PHP3000 ($61.88) (1 double size bed and 1 single size bed)

Family House: PHP5000 ($103.13) (2 single bed, 1 double-deck, 1 sofa bed, and 1 double size bed)

Mini Event Area: PHP4000 (maximum of 50 pax) ($82.50)

Big Event Area: daytime PHP7500 ($154.70), overnight PHP15000 ($309.39)

How to go to Selfie Beach Resort: From Capalonga town proper, you can ride a tricycle and it will take you right in front of the beach. You may also check their FB Page for the latest promotions.

*Tinagong Beach Resort

Other beach resort nearby includes Tinagong Beach which has a view deck where you can see the entire place and where you can watch the romantic sunset. The resort is owned by Sir Abner. The most distinct feature of this beach is the gigantic rock formation that adds to its overall beauty.

Regular Rates: 

Cottages: PHP200 ($4.13)-PHP350 ($7.22)

Couple Room: PHP1500 ($30.94)

Family Room: PHP2500 ($51.57)

Big Room (for a group): PHP3500 ($72.19)

Visit their official FB page to know more about Tinagong Beach.

My view from above
Sunset at Tinagong Beach

*Pulong Guianlo
Pulong Guianlo is a secluded island in Capalonga, Camarines Norte. It is famous for the long stretch of sandbar with fine sand similar to that of Boracay and crystal clear water. No food stalls or accommodation is offered on this island but the blue skies, powdery sand, and the virgin beach are enough reasons to visit the place.

How to go to Pulong Gianlo: It is a 30 boat ride from Capalonga Baywalk
Take a habal habal from the municipal hall (PHP40) and from Capalonga Baywalk, ride the boat (PHP25) going to the island. It's just a 30 minute boat ride.

2. Cultural Immersion
Although we did not experience the Palong Festival (Roostercomb Flower) which was held every May 13, we are lucky enough to have witnessed the 385th Founding Anniversary of Capalonga. We were just in time for the street parade where participants showcased their colorful and stylish costumes.
Ms. Jashmin-Lyn Dimaculangan, The reigning Daragang Magayon 2019 from Capalonga
After the parade, we went directly to the Municipal Hall where we met Mr. John Enero, Vice Mayor of Capalonga. He was warm and accommodating and very simple as if he was just an ordinary citizen without any government title.
We also witnessed the cultural presentation prepared by the elementary and high school students of the participating schools.
At night time, several boys and girls were vying for the title Mr. and Ms. Teen Capalonga 2019. Each candidate showcased their charm, talent, and intelligence just to take home the prestigious teen title.

And what's the best way to experience one's culture other than trying the local dishes? Mommy Terry’s Bulaluhan and Eatery which can be found near the Talagpucao port is a must-visit eatery whenever you go to Capalonga. Mommy Terry was all smiles when we arrived. Plates of seafood and native dishes were then served on our table and everything tastes good!

3. Feed Your Soul

The famous and said to be miraculous Black Nazarene can be found in Capalonga. It is located beside the Municipal Hall. During the Feast of the Black Nazarene (May 13), devotees are visiting the religious place to ask for guidance, good health, and to thank the Black Nazarene for their answered prayers.

Where to stay in Capalonga?
During our visit in Capalonga, we stayed at Enrico's Lodge and Diner. The air-conditioned room is quite big with 4 double size beds, a clean bathroom with a hot and cold shower, flat-screen TV and a veranda. There is also a restaurant located on the 1st floor where decent meals are served.
It was a truly memorable adventure in Capalonga. Thank you to Sir Bong Palma, Provincial Tourism Officer, Sir Rod, Municipal Tourism Officer of Capalonga and Ms. Myrna and Jovanie of CamNorte Tourism Office for accommodating us. Special thanks to Sir Mike Zuniga of Katooga.ph for the invite.

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