Sakura Hanami Is Bringing The Cherry Blossoms In The Philippines!

Milk teas have been a big hit in the Philippines and I’m sure that you have tried different brands of milk teas. Aside from the distinct taste that milk tea brands offer, I also consider the ambiance. The overall appeal of a milk tea place is a big factor that customers consider. With social media playing a huge role in today’s generation, having an Instagram worthy place is a must!
If you are one of those people who wanted to experience the cherry blossom season of Japan but don't have the luxury to enjoy the land of the rising sun just yet, then paying a visit to Sakura Hanami should be in your must-visit-milk-tea list. Sakura Hanami is the latest addition to the growing food haven in the busy streets of Maginhawa in Quezon City. The place literally is a Pink paradise! From the outside, you will see everything in Powder Pink.
And when you get in, you will be greeted with a wall of Pink Roses. Their ceiling is filled with Cherry Blossoms which give you that Japanese experience of Hanami, which literally means flower viewing. It has been a tradition in Japan to have a pic in under the beautiful cherry blossoms. Three equally beautiful friends were responsible for bringing Sakaru Hanami to life with the aim of sharing the Japanese culture to their customers by giving them a visual representation of the Sakaru blossom tradition.

Aside from the Instagrammable place, Sakura Hanami also offers unique drinks that you won’t find in other milk tea shops. Some of their drinks are infused with Cherry Blossoms that they get directly from Japan. They also offer Sakura Pudding that you can add on your drinks.
Sakura Lava Pearl (PHP165) This is a rich blend milk tea made from full cream milk, generous amount of Lava syrup and perfectly cooked black sugar pearl.
 Pink Rose Milk Tea XL (PHP160) with Sakura Pudding (PHP30) This Pink milk tea is not only good for your Instagram feed but also tastes so good! It's creamy taste blends perfectly with the  Sakura Pudding.

Cherry Blossom Fizz Tea L (PHP160) A soda drink infused with edible Cherry Blossoms. To be honest, this is such a gorgeous drink!
 Traditional Cherry Blossom Tea (PHP180) Perfect for hot tea lovers, this tea is infused with Cherry Blossoms which gives that refreshing taste.

Sakura Hanami is open daily from 10AM-12AM and try soon, you can order via food delivery apps.
Sakura Hanami
168 Maginhawa, Diliman, Lungsod Quezon, 1100

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