Delectable Vegan Dishes and Healthy Snacks From Pantry by Rub Rack

Rub Rack is an online store that turned a hobby of eating and cooking spicy food into a business venture. The marketplace consisted of snacks like nuts, condiments like hot sauce and chili oil, and gourmet recipes like bottled tuyo.
But now, Rub Rack is ready to expand its product lines through Pantry by Rub Rack. It is a vegan-friendly snack bar that caters to health-conscious individuals. They are now serving delicious vegetable dishes to satisfy your taste buds.

This came in very timely for my 2019 goals. At the start of the year, I enrolled in a gym nearby not just to lose pounds but also for me to feel good about myself. I go to the gym 3-5 times a week and do circuit training. But doing all these exercises will be useless if I continue to ingest unhealthy and fatty foods. I am not a huge fan of veggies because we all know that meat is tastier. But dining at Pantry by Rub Rack changed my perception about vegan dishes.
During the bloggers night held in Quezon City on 12 March 2019, we were served healthy dishes that are all vegan. I was curious as to how they prepared vegan lechon which looks so delicious! All their menu were prepared from scratch. They don't just look good on pictures but they taste really good too! This is the first time that I've tried vegan dishes and it did not disappoint. Pantry by Rub Rack is situated in the heart of Katipunan and opened its doors to food lovers and health-conscious customers in October 2018. The idea is to create a vegan-friendly place with a relaxing ambiance where everyone can just relax. It has a 30 seating capacity, is pet-friendly and also has board games so kids can also enjoy.

Sharing with you my Pantry Rub Rack experience.

This is their healthy version of squid which is made of vegetables and shaped into balls. Crunchy on the outside but has a soft texture on the inside. Perfect for pica pica with friends!

Vegan Nachos PHP190
If there is one thing I can never give up from my diet, it will be chips. I know it's not good for my diet so knowing that they served vegan nachos satisfied my cravings for chips. It is made with dairy-free cheese and generously topped with vegetable ground meat. It tastes like the real thing only that you can eat it without the guilt feeling.

Vegan Mac N' Cheese PHP200
This is the perfect snack for your kids. This healthy Mac N' Cheese is made from vegan cheese and paired with vegan bread. The cheese sauce tastes less salty but consistency is just like the cream cheese in any other Mac N' Cheese recipe.

Vegan Palabok 
This is the newest addition to Pantry by Rub racks healthy menu. This vegan palabok is oozing with shrimp-like gravy, seaweed, sprinkled with vegan chicharron and topped with a vegan egg. The sauce and the noodles are perfect! The vegan egg tastes a bit different from real chicken eggs but it is not that bad. 

Vegan Shawarma PHP205
I am a huge fan of Shawarma! I have tried different Shawarma wraps and I can tell which one is authentic. Pantry by Rub Racks take on this famous Mediterranean is worth trying. It is as delicious as the regular Shawarma even if what you are eating is vegan Shawarma meat. The garlic sauce is really good!

VeChon Belly Rice Meal PHP250
The famous pork belly now made healthier by using Vegan meat. It is crispy and you would not really think that this is made from vegetables. Dip it with the special Mr. Pikit Vinegar or their version of lechon sauce. Both sauces are good so it's just a matter of preference whether you are into sour or creamy sauce. 

Lemongrass and Calamansi Iced Tea PHP80
Everyone's favourite iced tea made from brewed green tea and comes in 2 flavours namely lemongrass and calamansi.

Coconut Ice Cream
Our favorite sorbetes made from dairy-free and all natural ingredients. 

Seems like I will be visiting this place often. The overall experience is good! The foods are so good that you would not even think that they are made from vegetables. I won't switch completely to vegan  but at least I already know of a place where I can eat healthy and delicious dishes. 

Pantry by Rub Rack is located at 225 Katipunan Avenue extension,
Barangay Milagrosa, Quezon City

Pantry by Rub Rack 

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