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Having kids is probably one of the happiest phases for every parent. Imagine seeing your bundle of joy for the first time with a promise of giving them only the best in life. As a mother of two, I encountered some challenges in choosing the right products for my babies. There are products that irritate their skin which result in redness and discomfort to my babies.  Good thing that there are many baby products in the market today that is proven safe to our baby's sensitive skin.
My Baby had a media launch on 21 February at Vanilla Cupcake in Quezon City. I was one of the lucky mommy bloggers to grace the event. During the event, we get to see the different My baby products that will help moms in making sure that their kids smell fresh and clean all day long.
My Baby is a brand with international quality whose products have been formulated especially for babies. It contains natural ingredients that won't harm their delicate skin. Having quality products will give mothers peace of mind and confidence in taking care of their little angels. My Baby is a market leader and has been trusted by most mothers for more than 30 years. My Baby products are available in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Product Line:
My Baby Powder
This powder has a mild formula, fine texture with fresh and long lasting fragrance. It keeps baby's skin soft and smelling good. It has Chamomile to prevent irritation so babies feel comfortable. Available in 50g, 100g, 150g, and 350g.

My Baby Shampoo
My Baby Shampoo Black and Shine contain natural ingredients like candle nut and avocado. With regular use, it leaves baby's hair looking thick, black and shiny.

My Baby Shampoo Soft and Smooth contains honey and olive oil to leave your baby's hair smooth and soft to touch. Both variants are available in 100mL and 200mL.

My Baby Milk Bath
This milk bath contains milk and oath to keep your baby's skin nourished, moisturized and healthy. Available in 200mL and 400mL refill.

My Baby PH

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