Dreams To Millions Financial Planner 2019

Welcome, 2019! Just like everyone else, my New Year is filled with resolutions I want to fulfill for the next 365 days. On top of the list is to save up as much as I can! With the current inflation rate and increasing commodity prices, this one is really a challenge. But we have to start somewhere and I guess careful planning and proper execution will do the work.

I am a huge fan of planners. I love to write about things that I want to do using the old school pen and paper approach. This year, I’m trying out the Dreams To Millions planner by Money Life Blood. This hardbound financial planner is the perfect companion for everyone who wanted to start their journey towards financial freedom. Sharing with you some pages of this planner.

Write Your Bio
This includes all your personal details including your social media accounts and semi-autograph questions like your fave color, motto in life, celeb crushes ❤️ and dream travel destinations. This is your page so answer it with all your heart.

Goal Setting
What are your goals for this year? This page will help you to set not just your financial goals but also your career, health, relationship, charity and personal goals. To not end up disappointed after a year, make sure to set SMART goals:
Time bounded

Ipon Challenge
This page is dedicated to track your monthly savings. It’s best to know how much money you are earning minus your monthly expenditures. Once you have this in mind, save a portion for your savings and don’t forget to track it using this page. Do this religiously and for sure you will have something before the year ends.

Travel Planner
We all wanted to travel and I’m sure there are many destinations that you dream of visiting. This page will help you to plan your travel. It includes the itinerary, fares, accommodation, budget for food and other travel expenses that you need to track.

Get Advice From Financial Gurus
Learn something new be it about Forex, stocks, agriculture, cryptocurrencies, real estate, investment and a lot more! Get tips and inspiration from some of the most reputable financial gurus and who knows, this might be your turning point towards becoming an entrepreneur or being a financial adviser

Daily Scheduler
Never missed out a meeting, appointment or events by taking notes of your day to day activities. This will also be a reflection of how productive your day is.

Inspirational Quotes
At times, we all go through the feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt. These monthly quotes will help you keep moving no matter how challenging it gets. Reflect on these quotes, apply to your life and see the positive changes it will bring you.

Year Ender Reflection
How far have you achieved for this year? Time to round up the highlights and your shortcomings for 2019. Use this page to evaluate how you've executed your plans, continue on the ones that worked and change those that did not yield a remarkable outcome.

Get discounts from partner merchants and make sure to put your savings in your monthly tracker.

Make your way to financial freedom and contribute in saving our environment. For every planner you purchased, a tree will be planted.

You can order online at
or send a message to their official FB Page Moneylifeblood

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