Golden Kubeta Awards Announced The Top 3 Cleanest Toilets In Country

I am a self-confessed obsessive compulsive and I make sure that every corner of my house is clean especially my bathroom. A dirty comfort room will be the breeding ground of germs and bacteria which can affect our health condition. Good thing that an award-giving body has taken the initiative to promote sanitation and recognize the country's cleanest toilets.
As we celebrate the National Toilet Day, Golden Kubeta Awards recognized the top 3 winners as well as the 14 runners-up for 2018. There are over 400 nominees sent via Kubeta PH Facebook community page. These nominees were narrowed down based on the current state of their comfort rooms, as well as interviews with the establishments to answer the question why they believe they should be among the Golden Kubeta awardees for this year. 

Maynilad's Golden Kubeta Awards is an awareness and education campaign now running on its second year that seeks to bring the conversation about proper wastewater management to the mainstream. It also envisions clean and comfortable public restrooms in establishments, regardless of type and industry, all over the country.

A 3-day polling period was held from November 15-17 and the top 3 establishments with the most number of votes will win the Golden Kubeta Awards for 2018. The following criteria were used for the nomination and final judging:

Functionality - e.g. basic features such as working flush and faucet
Aesthetics - look of the comfort rooms
Overall comfort - e.g. space, ventilation, accessibility, etc.
Amenities - e.g. soap, hand dryer, toilet paper, bidet, etc.

During the media event held on November 19 at UP Bahay ng Alumni, Xentro Mall Antipolo, GSIS, Troi Oi lloilo was awarded first, second and third prize winners respectively. 

 1st Place Xentro Mall Antipolo
 2nd Place GSIS
3rd Place Troi Oi lloilo
"We aim to encourage all establishments to take stock of their wastewater management
practices, and ensure that they are not contributing to the deterioration of our water bodies.
We also aim to rally the public to make these establishments accountable - not only in keeping
their restrooms clean and comfortable, but also in contributing to a safer, cleaner environment
through proper wastewater management," said President and CEO Ramoncito S. Fernandez.

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