3 Best Gift Idea For Christmas

Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays not just in the Philippines but around the globe. The highlights of this festive season include giant Christmas trees, eye-catching lights, delectable dishes and of course exchanging of gifts.

While this is a yearly celebration, most people are still at a loss as to what gifts to give to their family and friends. To help you have a hassle-free gift giving, I have listed 3 Best Gift Idea for the coming holidays.

3. Personalized Gifts
Gift giving is not measured by its price. We often hear the saying "It's not the thought that counts" and this is really the essence of giving gifts, to let a person know that you remember him or her on that special occasion. While the price of gifts does not really matter, giving away cheap items is something we all wanted to avoid. This is the beauty of giving out personalized gifts like mugs, ref magnets, tumblers and other personalized where you can imprint the name of the receiver or have your pictures printed on it. It does not cost too much but the person will feel that it is well thought of. It looks special and is useful too!

2. Journal/Diary
Most people would think that keeping a journal is a girl's thing but I beg to disagree. Just like girls, the male species have feelings too! Regardless of gender, everyone has dreams that have to be planned well. Day to day activities can be overwhelming and writing down your to-do list on your journal is a sure way to organize your schedule. There are so many things that you can jot down in your journal. Write about your future goals, bucket lists, spendings VS savings and many other important things. It's also handy so you can bring it with you anywhere. Writing in your journal is fun and looking back on happy memories will always put a smile on your face.

1. Sodexo Gift Certificate
During Christmas, I always have this problem in choosing gifts. That attempt to know what a person's wish list and wants are quite challenging. And if you ask what that person likes to receives, it will not come out as a surprise anymore. Good thing that Sodexo Gift Certificate is here to the rescue. With over 9,000 merchants, the one receiving your Sodexo gift certificate will have more than enough good choices. It's the Best Christmas Gift Idea because the receiver gets the freedom to choose how and where to spend it. Sodexo Premium Pass can be used in foods, clothing and apparel, supermarkets and convenience stores, gadgets and home improvement, health and beauty, travel and leisure and a lot more. Sodexo is a versatile gift and is not just suitable for the Christmas season. In fact, GC Regalo can also be given as employee incentives and rewards. This is a way to motivate your employees so that they continue to be productive at work.

Whatever occasion and time of the year, Sodexo gift certificates are always a good choice. It is hassle-free to the one giving the gift while at the same time useful to the recipient.

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