Styling 101 For Morena Girls

by - March 30, 2018

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Being morena is something to be celebrated just as much as any other skin tone. Your complexion tells a story of who you are and where you come from, which are not something to take for granted. These styling tips will help anyone with a naturally tan skin accent their complexion.
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Stick To Earthy Tones
Hot pink is out; brown and olive are in – at least for the perpetually sun-kissed. Warm colors that resemble earthen elements go best with the green and yellow undertones of morena skin while bright clothes tend to wash it out. Box up or donate any unflattering pieces from the Paris Hilton fashion era because these are typically not a good match for your complexion. Pare down your wardrobe to key pieces in the earthy color scheme, saving your khaki utility pieces which are so in style right now.
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Splash In A Pop Of Color
Of course, don’t feel like your closet should be a dull shade of brown. Highlight your outfit with a patterned scarf, stunning jewelry, or a brightly colored handbag. Break the monotony with an accent piece that ‘screams you’ but doesn’t take away from your equally gorgeous complexion.
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Contrast with light or cream-tinted clothing
In celebration of morena skin,  Preview Magazine shows that white gives you a seemingly eternal glow. Anything light or cream-colored compliments your skin tone, making it appear like you just stepped out of the summer issue of a fashion magazine.

Socialize in clear solid hues
You’ve heard of the little black dress as a staple in every woman’s clothing. Now, get ready for the little blue dress to change your night life. Pretty Me explains that darker shades of blue look good for medium skin during the day as well as in dim lighting. It highlights your skin and your figure nicely, too.
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Upgrade look with a new hairstyle
For Filipinas, dark brown or black is the natural hair color they’re born with but that can get drab pretty fast. All Things Hair suggests sprucing up your look with a new hair color that suits your skin tone. Espresso is a mild change that will add depth to your style; ash brown for a dramatic effect; chocolate brown for more texture; and a mixture of blonde and brown for a bolder choice that will definitely pay off.

Get that summer glow with a bronzer
Even the permanently tan sometimes experience dull looking skin but that’s nothing that a little bronzer touch up won’t fix. Apply your trusty base of foundation and concealer before blending in a bronzer that matches your skin tone to add a healthy luster to your already alluring skin.
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Finish your look with a bold lip tint
For a complete look, Candy Mag recommends deep or bold colored lip tint for the finishing touches. Nudes are a classic, but burgundy and brown really enhances the morena beauty if you want that Halle Berry everyday look. You can’t go wrong with a deep red or wine-colored lippie either to project a luscious and more mysterious image.

While this list is a good start for morena girls who are looking to improve their look, it goes without saying that experimenting is how you really find your true style that celebrates your skin tone. Kayumanggi is beautiful and it’s high time that morena girls start owning their complexion.

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