Efficascent Relaxing Oil Is Your Instant Pampa-Relax Partner

Our everyday life is generally stressful. The traffic jam, deadlines to meet, and different household chores to fulfill are just some of the things that contribute to our stress. It's good to know that the leading and most trusted household brand in the country formally introduces it's newest offering which aims to help us have a relaxing feeling.
Efficascent Relaxing Oil contains powerful essential oils such as Eucalyptus and Peppermint that soothes and calms the body's stressed nerves. Eucalyptus is known as a powerful expectorant and stimulates properties that allows the head to be cleared from mental exhaustion while increasing focus and concentration. Peppermint, on the other hand, has a cooling effect that relieves pain. It also helps the mind to eradicate mental fatigue.
Here are three tips on how to reduce stress in our life.
1. Choose To Be Happy
Although there are many stressors around us, the good news is that we always have the final say whether to be sad or to be happy with our situation. Happiness is a choice so make sure that you make the best choice.

2. Rest Before You Get too Tired
We all face tons of work daily but remember to take a rest every now and then. We don't have superpowers and let's admit it, no matter how we try to pretend to be strong, our body and mind have limitations. Don't be too cruel to yourself. Sit back, breath in and breath out, and just relax!

3. Don't Allow Anyone Or Anything To Take God's Peace In Your Heart
It's a natural reaction to get mad but don't let it consume the best of you. You can express your negative emotions without removing the inner peace in your heart.
During the press launch held at Manila Space on November 21, brand ambassadors Kaye Abad-Castillo, husband Paul Jake Castillo, and Micah Munoz gladly give insights about the benefits of using the new product from Efficascent.

Vice President Brand Management Division of International Pharmaceuticals Inc (IPI) was also present at the event. " We are a brand trusted by Filipino families for almost 60 years. Efficascent Oil will continue to fulfill the needs of our consumers, and our commitment to them remains the same--to provide relief to their physical pain from a hard day of work".

The Efficascent Relaxing Oil is a topical solution that can be applied on the temples and the wrists, or by simply inhaling it from the bottle.  It is available in 3 and 6mL roll-on bottle.


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