Unlocking Another Milestone At iBlog13

I have been blogging for 10 years now and I always find ways to share what I have learned to other especially to those who are just starting in the blogging industry. I have had several invites to be a speaker for some brands but I always feel insecure so I ended up turning down the opportunity. I am more comfortable to share my thoughts in writing than in talking.
As I am browsing through one of my social media accounts, I saw this "call for speakers" for iBlog 13. From there, I learned that iBlog is a yearly gathering of bloggers where they shared insights and talk about timely and relevant issues on writing as a whole. Without any experience in being a speaker, I decided to fill out the form and hit the submit button. A few weeks before the event, I received a message that my topic was approved and I will be one of the speakers for iBlog13.

Honestly, I felt more excited than nervous during that time. I always wanted to share how I am earning from my blog and I think this will be a good avenue to talk in front of my fellow bloggers while giving them tips and at the same time conquering my fear of facing the crowd.
I started to do some research and prepared my presentation. Finally, the big day is here! I arrived early and tried to relax while waiting for my time to talk. This is my first time to attend iBlog event and I am amazed at all the speakers who were able to widen my horizons when it comes to blogging. There were many take away for that event that I have never learned in my decade of writing. There was a young lady who shared her journey on financial blogging. She is just in her early twenties but is well knowledgeable on her niche. There was also a college student who shared about creativity and authenticity. I was really impressed how this girl presented herself and how she has mastered writing her contents at a very young age. One of the bloggers shared a topic about Sharing Beyond Your Blog. There was also a good discussion on whether to have an official organization for all bloggers. During the afternoon session, cryptocurrencies were discussed which is now used either as a payment method or currency trading. I was part of the panel who discussed ways on monetizing blogs. It was also highlighted in the event how link building is important in blogging. We ended the event with a Q&A with Attorney JJ Disini. The discussion revolves around data privacy, copyright, and plagiarism.
Monetizing Your Blog Panel (L-R): Grace Nicolas, Roel Jan Manarang, Paula Cabildo, MJ Racadio

The event was indeed a success! It was educational and it's a good way to connect with other bloggers as well. It's a breather from the usual events that I cover because this one is focused on improving our craft and being a responsible blogger. Hoping for a bigger iBlog14. Until then iBlog!
Unlocking another milestone in my blogging career. Thank you Ms. Janette for having me as one of the speakers for iBlog13

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