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Being a mom is a roller coaster ride. There are times when you feel high but there are also moments when you feel the lowest of lows. Most people think that being a mother is just like any other job but this is a big misconception. Unlike the 9-5 jobs, being a mom requires you to work 24/7 especially when the kids are sick. You cook the foods early in the morning, prepare them to school, feed them, prepare their snacks when they get home, help them with their home works, read them stories, and the list goes on forever. And yes, we also have our demanding career where deadlines are almost impossible to meet.

Most moms are pushing themselves to the limit just to be able to do all this multitasking. Our kids depend on us so much that why we can't afford to get sick. Aside from eating healthy foods and doing simple exercises at home, I always take multivitamins to help me sustain the energy I need to finish a day's chores. When it comes to vitamins, Cecon is a trusted name with proven health benefits.

Cecon had its Supermoms Event on September 6 at Cafe Del Mar in Venice Grand Canal, McKinley. Two amazing women shared motherhood tips, how to maximize time with your kids, and the importance of having your "Me Time".
Hosting the event is Ms. Honey
Kristel Urbanski is a mother of two boys and also an entrepreneur. She is the founder of Glebe House Manila which offers early childhood education. She shares tips on how to survive motherhood and the importance of giving time for yourself to do the things that you love.
Kat Maderazo has been featured in different magazines like Food, Yummy, Candy, and Working Mom. Bento By Kat has been an instant hit to mothers because of the cute designs that you can make out of food especially vegetables. It makes snack time fun and healthy as well.
Kat showed us how to make bento boxes even without using tools

Salute to our the Supermoms out there for being selfless and giving everything to their loved ones. Always remember to take care of yourself so that you are at your best health all the time and you can give more of yourself to your family. Take your armor of protection every day. Take Cecon daily.
Cecon Plus
It is a multivitamin packed with B complex, ascorbic acid and zinc.

Ascorbic Acid
Each 500mg vitamin C tablet contains Ascorbic Acid and Sodium Ascorbate. Recommended for those who have low vitamin C level or those who are not getting enough vitamins from their usual diet. Cecon is distributed by Abbott Laboratories.

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