My Vivere Salon Glorietta Experience With Stylist JC Espiritu

Our hair plays a vital role in our lives. It serves to protect our head from extremes of temperature. The hair also shields us from the ultra-violet rays of the sun. Aside from these essential functions, the color, type, and style of hair that we have serves an aesthetic purpose. Changing your hairstyle can make a huge impact to your appearance so it is important to go only to trusted salons and stylists. 

In the conservative era, women's hair are said to be long, straight and jet black in color. But in our modern world, women have been adventurous when it comes to their hair. As a result, there have been many hair styles, colors, and treatments that are readily available in most salons.

As a beauty and fashion blogger, I have to be experimental with my looks. So really, there is no specific hairstyle that I keep for more than 6 months. Aside from rebonding and digital perm,  I also enjoy trying different hair colors.  
A week ago, I went to Vivere Salon in Glorietta. I was greeted by their friendly staff which made me at ease even if it's my first time to try their service. The stylist assigned to me was JC Espiritu, one of the senior stylist. I was not sure as to what color to choose before I step into the salon. I just wanted something that I can flaunt confidently and can be use for my branding as a blogger as well. It should be something bright and would give me a more girly (and I mean kikay) image. I was choosing between purple and pink. 
My dark brown hair prior to bleaching

After a few minutes, I decided that pastel pink is the one for me. Vivere Salon staff started to bleach my hair until it is very light. My hair is dark brown so they needed to bleach it three times until all the red pigments from my hair are gone. Red pigments are the hardest color to remove and they are still visible after the first and second bleaching. It took 45 minutes for every bleaching session so I waited patiently for almost 3 hours to achieve a lighter color.
1st bleach application
What my hair looked like after the 3rd application of bleach

Now that my hair is light, my stylist JC started to apply the color on my newly bleached hair. It looked red orange at first but was told that it will fade slowly with every wash and the result will be a pastel pink colored hair. For the hair coloring session, it took another 30-45 minutes.

Since I had a chemically treated hair, JC suggested a hair treatment so that my locks can still look healthy, shiny and soft to touch. I seated for 30 more minutes for the Deep Repair Treatment. This is recommended for those who have heavily colored and treated hair.
And the final result is shiny, vibrant, and fabulous colored hair! 
From dark brown to bright pink
Thank you Vivere Salon Glorietta and JC Espiritu for helping me achieve my dream hair color. 
My life is not perfect, but my hair is!

Taking Care Of Colored Hair

After having your hair dyed, wait for two days before washing your hair with shampoo.
Use a mild shampoo and conditioner that is sulfate-free. Strong chemicals can strip out the natural nutrients in your hair and wash out the color.

Refrain from using hot water because it opens the surface of the hair strands, thus removing the color from your hair faster.

Have regular hair treatment. This is to keep your hair and scalp moisturize and maintain a bouncy and silky hair.

If you are planning to re-dye soon, prepare your hair by using a clarifying shampoo. This makes the hair strong and ready for another hair coloring session.

Have a regular stylist who can help in taking care of your hair. Vivere Salon have well-trained stylist and accommodating staff to help achieve your hair goals.

To know about the services offered at Vivere Salon, follow their Facebook Page and for hair color and style ideas, follow them on Instagram.

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