Elegant and Finely Created Knitwear For Everyday Fashion

Knitwear fashion all started when famous designer Coco Chanel introduced her striped knitwear collection in the 20th century. Since then, knitwear has been a fashion favorite. Knitwear is not just a clothing material but is a fashion statement. By simply wearing them, it makes anyone look elegantly beautiful without putting so much effort. Knitwear is a must-have for those who travel frequently because it is light to pack. It is also suitable for the working group as most of the designs look decent and neat. Originally designed for the cold season, knitwear is slowly detaching its image from that stereotype and has now evolved into something that can be part of your everyday wardrobe. 
As I was strolling around Glorietta, I decided to check out an all time favorite fashion store, Cinderella. A knit collection immediate caught my attention. Chill by Nooks has a wide range of knitted wear. One would be surprised to know that all these products started as raw materials. These are not pre-made knitted materials that they just cut out and created into a pattern. From merely threads, these are carefully made into a nice piece of knitted wear. 
Unknown to many, Chill by Nooks is one of the pioneers in converting pineapple fibers into a yarn and finally into beautiful clothing pieces. The proud Pinoy company also used to be a manufacturer of knitted products before coming up with their own brand name. 

The elegant Chill by Nooks collections are well crafted and every piece will measure up to the standards or probably even surpass the expectations of those who are meticulous when it comes to their fashion wear. Every piece is a reflection of the traditional hand woven designs. 

Everything in their shop in Cinderella looks classy with an added hint of modern fashion. And they even look better when worn! Here are some of the fashion pieces that I tried. 
 Infinity Scarf PHP1199

Hammock Scarf PHP799

Benefits If Wearing A Knitwear

Comfortable To Wear
Knitwear is characterized by soft fiber that feels comfortable to the skin. This is especially useful to those who travel on a regular basis. Imagine seating for long hours during flight and wearing something that is rough and irritates the skin. Knitwear is elastic and clings to your body but still, gives you the ability to move freely. 

Light and Easy To Pack
For jet setters, knitwear is relatively easy to pack in a suitcase. They are light and won't add so much weight in your luggage. They can be folded or rolled which saves a lot of space.


Knitwear is elastic and this makes the fabric to bounce back to its original form before it even gets wrinkled. This is beneficial to those who travel or commute as it makes them look neat and descent looking even after battling the traffic in the Metro. It is also a plus to those who are too lazy to iron clothes. 

Knitwear gives a wide flexibility to anyone's wardrobe. Knits can be used as a casual and formal wear. Chill by Nook has a wide variety of knitwear that includes a scarf, dress. blouse, sweater and a lot more.

One of their best sellers is the Full Pearl Scarf. This is my personal favorite as it proves to be versatile, comfortable, and stylish. It's made from 100% cotton and is reversible too! Below are some of the ways on how to wear a Full Pearl Scarf.

1. Cover Up

Use it over your favorite top to immediately level up your look

2. Off Shoulder Top

Show off those sexy shoulder by making this scarf into a sexy off-shoulder top

3. Neck Warmer

Why do you need to sacrifice comfort for beauty when you can look beautiful and feel comfortable at the same time?

4. Scarf
Turn a boring outfit into a fabulous one by simply using a scarf

Chill by Nooks is available at Cinderella in Glorietta, Alabang Town Center, and Festival Mall. You can also catch them every Sunday at the Legaspi Market in Makati.

To know more about the products of Chill by Nooks, kindly visit their website. For fashion inspiration, follow their Facebook Page and Instagram.

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