Denim Shopping At Metro Stores

The Denim Fair from Metro Stores is happening from June 15-July 15, 2017. Denim is a closet must have and have been a part of our fashion style. They are many reasons why denim is a fashion favorite. First, denim is a versatile clothing. You can wear it with simple shirts for that casual look and can also be worn with long sleeve polo during formal events. Second, Denim never runs out of style. You can wear denim anytime of the year. Wear it during summer with your sexy top and wear during rainy season with your cute jacket, either way, you will still look good and fashionable. Last, denim is durable. With proper care, Denim can last for years.

For all those who love denim fashion, Metro Store has something for you! From June 15-July 15, Metro Stores will be having a Denim Fair where you can score different Denim brands at a lower price. Some denim pants were priced at less than PHP300. Aside from pants, denim shorts, jackets and dress were also on sale.

Go to the nearest Metro Store now and enjoy a huge discount from different Denim brands! For more details about The Metro Stores, kindly like their official Facebook account and follow them on Instagram

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