Slimming Mask For My Second Golki Treatment With Yakson

I used to loved Fridays because this is the sign that weekend is near. But when I became Yakson's 10th beauty editor, I am always looking forward for Fridays because of my scheduled beauty treatment. After my Friday shift from my corporate job, I hurriedly go to Makati, all the way from Ortigas without minding the heavy traffic for I know that after my Golki therapy from Yakson I will feel relived and refreshed. Last October 21, I had my second Face Resizing treatment from Yakson. As usaul, the friendly staff greeted me and prepared me for my beauty Yakson robe =)It was the same treatment regimen starting from the very relaxing back massage, face cleansing, facial massage and the bone massage proper or Golki therapy. I'm actually getting used to the discomfort of this bone massage and was actually excited for the outcome after my 10th session. Ms. Kim's hand are very powerful. You can really feel the pressure applied on your facial features and alternating it with soft massage feels really good. With my 1st treatment, my face was applied with sunscreen, eye cream and BB cream. This time, I got the chance to try the slimming mask. A brownish mask was applied on my face and neck area. I was told that this mask was made with 30 different Korean herbal ingredients. The smell of the mask is not so good but the result is a firmer skin. I had the mask on for about 20 minutes.during the application of the slimming maskIt was indeed a happy Friday for me! Looking forward for my next session. Until then =)

Yakson House is located in G4 Perla Mansion 117Don C.Palanca St. Legaspi Village. Makati. International branches are located in Korea, Japan, China,  and their newest branch in Singapore. For appointments, you may call them at 02-892-9441.

For the complete list of the services that they are offering, you may visit Yakson's website. To know more about the latest promotions, you may follow them in their official Facebook account.

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