The Cookbook Kitchen

I once craved for red velvet cupcakes and someone told me to try The Cookbook Kitchen for they served the best red velvet cake in town. So after a few months I decided to give it a try.

We tried their branch in Eastwood.  I'm not into fish but since it has a really nice review,  I ordered the crusted Parmesan White fFish. It tastes just fine but it's something that I won't order again on my second visit.  I mean it's good to try it but my taste buds weren't really impress. Maybe because I'm not a fish person. I didn't taste the parmesan at all. It was the one that I'm imagining to touch my tongue with butter and seasoning perfectly mix together. It tasted just like a baked cream dori.

We also tried the Sausage Pasta. It tastes more of an Italian style pasta where the sour taste overpowering the rest of the ingredients. I love pasta and I really enjoyed it with lots of Parmesan on top.

And the reason why we tried this restaurant is because of their red velvet which they proudly called Scarlet Cake. The twist is that it has a chocolate powder on top which actually reminded me of Sustagen.  It tastes delicious and by far the best red velvet cake that I've tried. It's so soft and moist. I will definitely come back for the cake.

The ambiance is relaxing especially that time that it was not crowded.  Money wise,it's ok.  It's not cheap and not expensive either.  Will probably try chicken or lamb on my next visit.

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