Nurture Your Child’s Gift With I-Shine Talent Camp

Every kid is born unique with different traits and characteristics. And while everyone is given with special talents, it takes a little push on our part to further enhance this gift. It’s a long process and most often than not, it will be a trial and error while we try to discover what our child really wanted to pursue and in what area our kids are likely to succeed.
At an early age, allowing our kids to realize their talents is helpful in honing their skills. Enrolling our kids in workshops and training can help them develop these talents big time. This year, PROMIL® is back with i-Shine Talent Camp and is expected to produce another batch of promising stars. On February 24, PROMIL® Four officially launched iShine Talent Camp at the Makati Diamond Residences. The event was hosted by Toni Gonzaga.
Now in its 6th year, PROMIL® Four i-Shine Talent Camp continues to be an instrument to help kids bring out their full potential. 
Yvette Villegas, the brand manager of PROMIL® Four, said that the i-Shine® Talent Camp 6 brings a whole new fun, and learning experience for parents and their kids.

“We’re so excited to finally open the most exciting PROMIL® Four i-Shine® Talent Camp 6 yet, where we will witness, once again, the awesome talents of the young participants,” Villegas added. “This year, we are also bringing back our camp masters on board, who will help discover, nurture, and inspire their talents so that they will shine brightly.”
PROMIL® Four i-Shine® Talent Camp 6 is divided into four camps namely, Music, Dance, Arts, and Engineering.  and each camp will be facilitated by some of the most respected mentors in the country. 
Dance Camp
Kids who love to dance will surely learn a lot from Teacher Georcelle. She was a professional dancer at age 14 and a choreographer by 16. She is now a well-known celebrity dance master.

Music Camp
Those who have the gift of music will have new things to learn as Maestro Ryan Cayabyab shares his music with the younger generation. He is a musical prodigy and has been in the industry for almost 50 years. He was also behind some of the greatest OPM songs and even ad jingles.
Art Camp
Bring out the creativity in your kids by enrolling them in the art camp. This art class will be handled by Kuya Robert who was a certified artist and was also a TV host for an art show, Art Is Kool. He is also an award-winning graphic artist, painter, and crafter. In case you didn’t know, he is the “Ro” in the well-loved art and crafts shop in the country, Papemelroti.

Engineering Camp
This is the perfect Camp for kids who are inquisitive with how machines work. Teacher Lei Sta. Maria will help kids with the engineering camp. She is one of the pioneer teachers in SMILE who implemented Engineering for Kid in the Philippines in 2014.

The PROMIL® Four i-Shine® Talent Camp 6 will run from April 2 to May 3, 2018. It will be conducted in different locations in Metro Manila and will be concluded through a recital on May 11, 2018 where the participants of all four workshops will perform.

The PROMIL Four i-Shine® Talent Camp 6 will also visit key cities in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao via road shows to allow children outside Metro Manila to experience the thrill of the workshops.

PROMIL® Four i-Shine® Talent Camp 6 is now accepting enrollees for the summer activity. To enroll, parents should purchase any of the participating PROMIL Gold® Four or PROMIL® Four variants, which has a corresponding discount to any of the kid’s chosen talent workshop. The pre-registration, on the other hand, will be done online through PROMIL® Four i-Shine® Talent Camp 6 website.

I-Shine Talent Camp

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