How To Renew Your PRC License In 15 Minutes

Passing my nursing board exam has been one of my greatest achievements to date. Back in 2005, I was one of those students who tried my luck in the Nurse Licensure Examination and luckily I made it. Although I have not been practicing my profession for quite some time now, I make sure to renew my license every three years so that at least I am prepared in case an opportunity knocks at my doorsteps.

One of the dilemmas of renewing government licenses here in the country is that it takes so much of our time. I remember going to Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) office in Manila very early just to process the renewal of my PRC card. Aside from long lines that would take hours to finish, one would have to go back to PRC office at the scheduled date to get the licensed. If my memory serves me right, it would take 2-3 weeks before you can get the physical card.

It's surprising to see so much improvement with PRC. I didn't have to go through long lines and the best part is, I got the card in just 15 minutes from the time I gave my renewal form.

I am sharing with you the steps on how to get your PRC licensed with no sweat.

*Step 1: Visit and create an account if you don't have one or sign in if you have an existing account.
*Step 2: Check your email and confirm your account. This applies to those who just sign up for an account.
*Step 3: After you sign in, update your profile and don't forget to upload your photo.

*Step 4: Select transaction, in this case, choose renewal.
*Step 5: Select your preferred regional office where you want to claim your PRC license as well as your preferred date.
*Step 6: Choose your payment option and pay the renewal fee of PHP450. I paid at 7/11 and there is an additional PHP70.
*Step 7: Go to the regional office on your scheduled date and get your license in 15 minutes. I was asked for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) units politely said that I have not earned any units yet. The lady who assisted me reminded me that I need 60 CPD units on my next renewal which is on 2021.

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