Fat Fook Is Now Open At Robinson’s Galleria!

Fat Fook is a Taiwanese restaurant that recently opened their second branch at Robinson’s Galleria on December 19. The interior is a combination of classic and modern design. Chairs and tables were made from quality wood which screams elegance and a wall with porcelain dinnerware which looks like a modern piece of art. The place is big enough to accommodate 80 people and is perfect for any occasion like birthdays, baptismal, anniversaries, or even lunch or dinner with your loved ones. It is well lighted and ventilated as well.
As you enter Fat Fook, you will be greeted by their friendly staff, ready to serve you with their signature dishes. Aside from being well lighted, cleanliness of the place is very evident which is always a plus factor for any food establishment.

Here are some of Fat Fook's best seller that you need to try on your visit that will surely give you a taste of Taiwan. 

1. Chicken Chop Noodle Set PHP298
Chicken Noodles
As for the noodles, nothing really special with the taste but you may want to dip your Chicken Chops for an added taste and a little chili oil can add extra flavor too. The noodles were cooked just right which is perfect with the clear broth.

Fat Fook Chicken Chops
Juicy chicken meat covered with crispy breadcrumbs, salt, and pepper. Surprisingly, it tastes good even without the sauce. This is Fat Fooks best seller and is best paired with noodles. They have generous serving considering that this is a set meal so expect a bigger Chicken chops if you ordered ala cart. 

2. Xiao Long Bao Salted Egg PHP148 (5 Pieces) PHP238 (8 pieces)
What could be better than combining the goodness of the well-loved Chinese soup dumpling Xiao Long Bao and salted egg flavor? The perfectly steamed pork goes well with the salted egg.
We all know that Xiao Long Bao is really good and I didn't know it can get better with the creamy salted egg.
Overall experience is great! The food tastes good, ambiance is nice and welcoming, and the price is reasonable. Will definitely come back to try other dishes.

Fat Fook

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