PROMIL® Four continues to partner with parents in Nurturing Every Child’s Gift

I have had different jobs from being a nurse, call center agent, virtual assistant, and writer. Among the many jobs I have done, being a mother is definitely the best career that I ever have. But being a mom is not all happiness. Often times, it can lead to stress and depression if you are not able to handle the responsibilities that go with motherhood.

I feel honored and proud to be part of Wyeth Promil’s celebration of the Gifted Awareness Month. The event which is in lines with the brand’s theme of “Shaping the Gift to Build Tomorrow's Great” was held at the Sofitel Manila on November 7. It is a whole day of fun, learning, and workshops intended for mommies so that they can better understand their kids as they nurture and prepare them to be tomorrow’s greats. Hosting the event is a celebrity mom, Ms. Dimples Romana.
Promil Four in partnership with the Philippine Center For Gifted Education (PCGE) conducted different learning workshops to show the advantages of multi-dimensional development in nurturing a child’s gift to its full potential. These activities are based on three learning zones that focused on the physical, mental, and socio-emotional development of a child.

For a day, we mommy bloggers experienced how it is to b a 5-year-old kid again. Kids at times can be difficult to decode and there is no better way to fully understand them but to be in their shoe even for just a day.

Yoga Session
This physical activity highlights the importance of growth and immunity to strengthen physical agility. Yoga is a productive meditation activity that stimulates body movement and sensory experiences. Before, I thought that yoga is only for those who have a flexible body and is only beneficial to the physical well being. Through this workshop, I learned that aside from encouraging balance and coordination, yoga also helps individuals to focus and concentrate, to have mind and body connection, increase self-awareness and mindfulness.

Art Workshop
This mental activity aims to sharpen recognition and memory. In this activity, a storyteller is guiding us with our painting. Through art and storytelling, a child’s memory develops. It’s nice to unleash the artist in you without being pressured that the outcome should look perfect. I feel like a carefree child who just enjoys painting without even thinking if the outcome would look great. 
 I am no Leonardo Da Vinci but I am proud of my masterpiece.
Giant Block Game
To better understand socio-emotional development, we were tasked to build a house using giant blocks. It sounds easy not until we were told that we are not allowed to talk. So each one got their piece and build this castle without any plan. This game shows the importance of imagination, communication, and collaboration with other people.

Key Opinion Leaders:
Dr. Christia Padolina, Ob-gyne, Associate Professor, UERM

Dr. Tippy Tanchanco,  Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician

Dr. Leticia Ho, president and founder, Philippine Center for Gifted Education

Aside from providing workshops, Promil Four also emphasized the importance of nutrition in supporting a child’s advanced learning abilities. “Proper nutrition plays an essential role in your child’s brain development. With the right nutrients, it can further support a child’s advanced learning abilities,” added Ma. Neva Luna Batayola, Medical Director.

To end the event, Dra. Leticia Penano-Ho left us with a meaningful message. “Every child has the talent which can be a Gift if discovered and nurtured early. It is the parent’s role to make the child’s talent reach his full potential, or else that gift could just be there untapped and undiscovered.” 

Promil Four is partnering with Atlantis Production this year. They will be showcasing awe-inspiring talents in the local production of Matilda the Musical, a theater play that features the story of a gifted child. 
The three child actors, who will portray the lead role of the play are Esang De Torres of ABS-CBN’s “The Voice Kids” and “Les Miserables” Asian Tour; Uma Naomi Martin of “A Little Princess”; and Gawad Musika’s Outstanding Child Performer, Felicity Kyle Napuli. This musical play will run from November 10 to December 10, 2017. Promil Four is raffling out free Matilda tickets, visit for more information.
PROMIL® Four has long been known for nurturing the young Filipino’s gift. It is specially formulated for children above three years old and is the only brand that contains NUTRISSENTIALS®—the combination of the unique and important nutrients that help support mental & physical development to help Nurture the Gift, together with balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.


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