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Going home to a nice and cozy place is always a good feeling. No matter how we enjoy activities away from home, be it in school, office, or malls, at the end of the day, we are all looking forward to going home and spending quality time with our loved one. Sharing home-cooked meals while having an intelligent conversation with your family or watching movies while munching on popcorn is priceless. Indeed, there is no place like home.
I am a big fan of Pinterest and Instagram. I always look for home interior designs in different themes and I'm really inspired to transform my home soon. I have been looking for a trusted furniture store who can customize wooden furniture here in the Philippines and luckily, I was directed to Homewoods Creation Furnishing.

About Homewoods Creation
Homewoods Creation offers customized furniture like bed frames, baby crib, shelves, cabinets, chair and tables, and other wooden furniture. They only use high-quality and solid woods to exceed your expectation and give you value for your hard-earned money. Aside from creating unique furniture pieces, Homewoods Creation also provides interior consultation. We all have that dream house in our minds but we need the help of the expert to bring those concepts into life. Homewoods Creation staff will guide you in planning and even share bright ideas to make the concept even better. All you have to do is to give them your design and consider it done. Their creative team will give a 3D sketch to their clients for them to visualize which one would look best for their home. This gives the customer a mock-up of the project before the actual production process.

Simple home improvements and renovations are also offered by Homewoods Creation and this includes furniture repair, wall repainting, blinds and wallpaper installation, kitchen and room renovation. Aside from specializing in wood furniture and designs, they also supply foams, mattresses, cushion for sofa and chairs that are guaranteed to last for many years.

Why Choose Homewoods Creation
Home Woods Creation is a trusted local construction and furniture company that aims to make your place look even more beautiful. They value their client's trust and will only provide skilled workers to give you the best service.  The team works hand in hand to ensure customer satisfaction. All products and services are offered at a reasonable price.

Clients And Feature Projects
With all the good feedback and quality works produced, it is not surprising that even celebrities have gained the trust of Homewoods Creation. One of their clients is the Kramer family. Homewoods Creation has helped Cheska and Doug in designing some of their furniture. The minimalist home design was even featured in Kris TV back in 2015.

Want to have a peek at the latest project of Homewoods Creation? Below are some of the photos for the 1-Bedroom Interior Fit-Out Project In Baguio City

 Furniture, design, and styling by Homewoods Creation Team

Homewoods Creation Furnishing
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